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On Sunday evening I snap-chatted a photo of my jewelry organizer as I was organizing all of my sparkly things, and I was SHOCKED by how many of you snapped me back asking for the details! I tried my best to get back to everyone by sending them the links, but I figured I would just do a quick blog post on it so that you could have all the details in one place. Details are further down the page!



I found this magical organizer on Etsy, and it has quite literally changed my life. I used to have all of my jewelry in bowls, plates, and pretty boxes that ALWAYS, no matter what, looked like a hot mess. I never EVER could find anything, and once I finally found the earring I was looking for, good luck finding the other one, because it just wasn’t going to happen. And, don’t even get me started on how many necklaces I have untangled in my lifetime. It was getting intense and WAYYYY out of control. After doing some research late one evening after the jewelry debacle of 2014 I decided either I had to donate it all (because lets face it I wasn’t wearing it) or figure out a long term solution…. and thats when I found this

I honestly love it so much and use it every single day. I now get ready a thousand times quicker, and I actually now wear all of my jewelry! It was worth every single penny and I would buy it again in a heart beat!

P.S. You’ll have to snap me and let me know if you pick one up, I’d love to see your jewelry collection! 






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  1. I love this and I’m about to order! Do you find this is plenty of room? It seems like it would be…I noticed there are different sizes…just want to make sure I have room to grow and I think this size would give me that. I think the smaller size wouldn’t give me enough room to grow. I just went through alllll of my jewelry and donated pieces that I never wear and kept only my favorites and ones special to me. I have about 15 necklaces, 10 bracelets and a dozen earrings. But I know that will grow over time.

    • Hi Molly!

      Yes, there’s absolutely enough room for all of your current pieces and room to add more (my favorite!). You can layer more than one necklace on each hook, add earrings, and line the front of the organizer with all of your favorite bracelets. It’s the best!


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