I know a lot of you lovely ladies are going to interviews like crazy,
hopefully this post will make it a little easier!

Turn up early
Not more than 15 minutes (or you’ll be either
inconveniencing someone or sitting, waiting in reception for a long time). Sit
in the car park, if you need to!Not less than 5 minutes, or you may appear to be
late. Being late is bad manners and can make an employer think you’d be late on
all deadlines.
Have a firm, but not vice-like handshake
You only get one chance to make a first impression.Your handshake is one of
the most important parts of a first impression.
Treat everyone with respect
You never know who is involved in the recruitment
process.It’s common for even the receptionist to be asked their opinion of
candidates.Watch your manners over lunch. The job interview isn‘t confined to
the meeting room.
Don’t get caught unprepared
spend most of the interview gushing about how much you want to work for the
company, only to have to admit you haven’t even bothered to visit one of their
stores”¦Researching the company shows you’re enthusiastic and gives you a great
head start.It’s bad manners to go to a job interview, unless you’re actually
interested in the job.
Respect the company culture
It’s a job interview. No matter how much rapport you feel with the interviewer,
you’re not in the pub with your mates.Be polite & courteous. Let the
interviewer take the lead.
Don’t Be A “No Show”
If you’re not really interested, have the decency to turn down the offer of the interview.
Don’t waste every one’s time.If you’re going to cancel, let them know. Don’t be
a “no show”. It takes a place away from a more suitable candidate. Remember it’s
a small world: you never know when you might need to do business with someone
who was annoyed by your rudeness.

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