Meant to Be Mine

July’s Book is here!

I’m so excited to share this month’s book with you! It’s so fun when a previous ABBC author releases new books, and it’s even better when they are utterly delightful. We selected Hannah Orenstein’s book Head Over Heels in August of 2020, and she’s back with a new book this summer that you are going to love!

Meant To Be Mine is a slightly magical romance centered around a very special family, and specifically our main character Edie’s relationship with her grandma. You are going to love it! It will be perfect for your trip to the beach or your weekend at the lake… trust me!

Ashley Brooke

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Meant to Be Mine

Hannah Orenstein

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Quick Summary

Edie has never wondered when she will meet “the one,” because she already knows. Her Grandma Gloria has accurately predicted the day numerous family members will meet the loves of their lives. So when Edie sits next to a handsome musician on her special day, she’s convinced he’s the one. But a seed of doubt plus a long held family secret will send Edie reeling and questioning everything she thought she knew about her own love story.

About The Author

Hannah Orenstein is the author of Playing with Matches and Love at First Like, as well as the senior dating editor at Elite Daily. Previously, she was a writer and editor at She lives in New York.

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From the editors

I was SO excited to see that Hannah had a new book out this summer and it was truly a delight from start to finish. I especially loved the relationship between Grandma Gloria and Edie, so sweet!

Ashley Brooke

I’m so excited for y’all to read Meant to Be Mine! I loved this book as much for its magical romantic tale as for the really tender and lovely family story. You are going to want to be a part of Edie’s family by the time you finish this book!


Somehow Hannah Orenstein does it again! This book tells a heart warming story through the use of fate and the notion of soulmates. I loved the fun characters and the story felt utterly relatable. It was so fun with so much depth!


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