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The Heir Affair by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

Happy July! I would lying if I said I haven’t been waiting for The Heir Affair all year long. Our favorite imagined royals are back and I can’t wait for you to see what they’ve been up to. It’s no secret that The Royal We, Heather and Jessica’s prequel book, is high atop my all time favorites list so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to dive in to their latest novel as a community. Now, technically this book isn’t out until next Tuesday, July 7th BUT that gives you plenty of time to pre-order it or reserve it at your library. Pre-ordering is SO important for authors and determines, among other things, how many books get printed. So, get excited, get to pre-ordering and get ready to fall in love with Nick, Bex, and the whole crew all over again!

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Quick Summary:

In The Heir Affair, after their wedding ended in scandal, Nick and Bex try to escape the aftermath. Eventually a family crisis brings them back to London where they come face to face with their mistakes, with family secrets, and with their new life as working heirs.

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Why We Chose It:

About the Author

Heather Cocks is a die-hard sports fan; a dual citizen of the U.S. and U.K.; a Notre Dame grad; a Diet Coke addict; possibly the reincarnated soul of Elvis Presley, who died the exact day she was born; a sandwich advocate; and a former producer of several seasons of America’s Next Top Model. Heather and her husband live in Los Angeles with their twin sons.

Jessica Morgan is a native Los Angeleno, a graduate of UCLA, and a connoisseur of other people’s shoes. She and Heather Cocks have written several novels together, in addition to ten plus years running the popular celebrity fashion website Go Fug Yourself. Together, they also cover fashion week for, and have written for publications ranging from Vanity Fair to Redbook. She likes what you’re wearing.

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Audiobooks have long been my favorite way to listen. It’s so easy to listen in the car, on the go, or around the house! I’ve recently switched to and I love it so much because money from each purchase goes to the independent bookstore of your choice! Plus, their team is friendly and the customer service is amazing!

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  1. I fell out of love with books in the last year falling victim to Netflix and Instagram but Carly and you have totally inspired me to go back. In the last couple months it’s been a lot of self-development books but I definitely want to start reading from your recommendations. Thank you for sharing!

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