Tiny Imperfections by Alli Frank and Asha Youmans

Every month our team reads different books to find THE one for the next month’s selection. We brainstorm titles, divide them up and report back. Once we’ve got a contender we all read it. I feel like I “won” this month because Tiny Imperfections was one of my screeners and I loved it so much! It’s a great family story about strong women. Specifically about former model Josie, her aunt Viv, and her daughter Etta. I can’t wait for you to read this. I just know you’ll adore Josie as much as I did!


Ashley Brooke

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Quick Summary:

Single, working mother Josie is determined not to let her 17 year old daughter make the same mistakes she did. Formerly a runway model, Josie is now the head of admissions at a posh private school. In her spare time she is taking care of her aging Aunt and meeting her BFF Lola for Tuesday champagne dates. Things get interesting when her daughter Etta admits she has dreams that have nothing to do with an ivy league education and Lola is determined to get Josie back in the dating scene.

From the Editors

Why We Chose It:

About the Author

Alli was raised in Yakima, WA, the only child of two parents who instilled in her that hard work coupled with a resilient spirit will take you where you want to go. After 20 years in all sectors of education, Alli lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, two daughters and terribly cute mini-Bernedoodle. When she needs good food (’cause she can’t really cook) she turns to her co-author Asha Youmans.

A native of Seattle, WA Asha Youmans grew up as one of the first waves of girls to integrate her local Little League and graduated from one of the premier private schools in the country, where her father was its first black graduate. Asha is a fabulous home cook who loves storytelling and connecting with others by making them smile. A former educator, she lives with her white husband, two ethnically ambiguous sons, and a dog that is part Yorkie and part who-the-heck-knows

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