Here are the top 12 rudest behaviors according to Mrs. Post.
By the way, I think this is hilarious list because if you live in a major city such as Orlando like I do, you can see almost all twelve of these “etiquette sins” committed during one 15 min. trip to Wal-mart!
1. Racists or ethnic jokes
2. Using four letter words & other obsenities in public.
3. Yelling on your cell phone.
4. Treating the sales person as if they are beneath you.
5. Letting your kids run-a-muck.
6. Road Rage
7. Referree abuse at a childs sporting event.
8. Spitting/littering on the side walk
9. Not giving your seat up for an elderly, disabled, pregnate person.
10. Charging though crowds
11. Jumping ahead in checkout lines.
12. Lighting up a cigaret in a room full of non-smokers.

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