2023 Gift Guide: Babies, Toddlers, & Big Kids

Our favorite things for all our favorite littles…

You guys! The littles! This is my very favorite gift guide we do every year, so I thought we would just get in there and do it! Last Christmas I found myself going back to our babies, toddlers, and big kids gift guide when thinking about what to give Laurens, and this year feels the same… full of special gifts that aren’t the usual toys, which I love.

Last year Laurens was so cute during Christmastime, but I think this year will be so FUN! Like real rip-open-the-wrapping kind of fun and I just can’t wait.

color-changing umbrella // play car set // shapes book // paint palette popper // bowling // personalized necklace // lion stuffy // rocket stacker // forgotten skills book // pull-along puppy // race car // scooter // walker // duffle bag // instax camera // marble tower

So, like last year, all the kid categories are below for you. Plenty of OPTIONS for all the different ages, and I think we really nailed it this year. I’m hoping it’s really helpful to start now and bookmark, or even buy as you go… let’s all stay ahead this busy season! Happy Christmas shopping, friends!

A Few Favorites For The Babies

Laurens loved his baby play mat! Highly recommend. He also loved these stroller cards on our long walks. (All our stroller details here!)

Adore this sweet gift for a new baby and this one, too. So special!

But if you buy one thing for baby, make it this. Our very favorite thing!

A Few Favorites For Toddlers

These lacing cards are darling… will keep little hands busy! I just love this for the Christmas season so much. And this feels like a classic toddler toy.

This would be so cute to bundle with this!

Endless entertainment with this! And this is genius for all the indoor playtime. I hear these are a home-run toy no matter what age.

A Few Favorites For The Big Kids

This looks so awesome for big kids! This wall bank is so clever. Also, this is so fun to give to kids and let them go wild!

Love this personalized gift. This, too! Lots of options here.


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