Lakeside Sweater
Lakeside Sweater

Sweater (similar here & here) // Bathing Suit // Linen Shorts // Hat (similar here) // Bobbi Brown Lipstick “Babe”

Lakeside Sweater

The Perfect Morning

On Monday morning, Ryan and I woke up super early and made our way down the mountain to be the very first ones on Lake Blue Ridge. We were planning to spend the day on the lake. And we’ve learned by now that the good picnic benches and spots get scooped up quickly so we went early!

Lakeside Sweater outfit ideas
Lakeside Sweater outfit

The rest of our crew was due to arrive around 10ish. So Ryan and I had three blissful hours watching the lake wake up. We sipped our coffee and marveled at just how beautiful it was as the fog rolled out and the sunshine crept in. Lake days are always my very favorite days, and this one topped them all.

Lake Blue Ridge early morning
Lake Blue Ridge in the early morning

It also just so happened to be a cool morning, which made it all the more fun. Give me a 60 degree lakeside morning ANY day of the week. It truly was heavenly. I wore my favorite fisherman’s sweater (similar here) and my go-to white linen shorts over my bathing suit, and it was actually perfect. We don’t often get sweater weather lake days here in Florida, so it was an all-around TREAT.

exploring Lake Blue Ridge
Lake Blue Ridge travel tips

And I know I totally sound like a broken record here, but I seriously live in these linen shorts (see here, here, here, and here to name a few!) I can’t say enough good things about them. My Summer Uniform for SURE.


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