Laurens’ First Birthday Party!

We are keeping it sweet and simple…

To be completely honest with you, thinking about planning a party for Laurens’ first birthday utterly overwhelmed me for the longest time! It was less about him turning one and more about fearing that I wouldn’t get it *right*. That may sound completely nuts, but it was totally true! I felt pressure to make his fist party spectacular. (Because wasn’t he just this tiny a minute ago?!)

But instead of inspiring me when thinking about how much he’s grown into his own little person, it just flat-out overwhelmed me. Friends and family would so sweetly ask, “What are we doing for this little guy’s birthday?” and each time I would just feel a wave of anxiety, so if this has been you too… you are not alone!

first birthday party

But then I realized I was just putting all that pressure and perfectionism on myself. If a big over-the-top party overwhelmed me then I didn’t have to do that! Honestly, I think I was also thrown off by the fact that this was out of character for me… I am a big over-the-top party kind of gal. BUT as soon as I shifted my thinking, I started to get really excited!

So we decided to do a little backyard party with immediate family… order in tacos, make a big pitcher of margaritas, and play with some outdoor toys. Honestly all I really care about is making his tiny smash cake and having loved ones sing Happy Birthday to him for the first time EVER. Everything else is just icing on the cake! So that is exactly what we are doing.

All of this to say, however you are feeling about your baby turning one (or any age!) is probably totally normal! Whether you are wanting a big blow out party or something smaller… I think it’s pretty typical to have all the feels that go along with any child milestone.

Below I’m sharing a few of the things we scooped up for our backyard party this weekend. I’m sure there will be plenty of photos, but if you are looking for a little inspiration for a celebration that is simple and sweet… scroll down!

But also, if you want to plan and throw a big blow-out bash, DO IT… and then send me the photos!

A Few Favorites For A First Birthday Party

I am so excited about these tiny 4″ cake pans! I really wanted to make a little tiered cake for him and these are perfect. Plus, they are only $5!

These gingham napkins and puppy party plates are just down right adorable! Plus I thought this table cloth was too good.

Will never be over these adorable swizzle sticks for $14 on Amazon. They came with like a million so we’ll will have swizzle sticks for the next 100 parties!

This custom birthday crown has been on my Pinterest board for YEARS! So it was finally a fun purchase and the gingham romper was the perfect outfit pick.

The one super special thing I purchased, besides the crown, are these birthday candle holders. We will have these in our family forever and I’m so excited to start this tradition! (Note: They only take skinny candles, but these fit!)



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  1. I love your honesty! I love a good themed party, but kids parties can be so over the top. Your background celebration of Laurens sounds lovely.

  2. Yes and yes! As the mama to 4 including a graduating senior, I know small and sweet is sometimes just the ticket. Whatever means you have the most opportunity to love on and celebrate them in this season is the best thing. Lots of love to y’all as you celebrate this weekend-I know it will be precious!

  3. Congratulations on your sweet boy turning one! I love what you’re doing for his party—it’s so refreshing to see families choose simple, small, sweet, intimate celebrations when everyone else is going (sometimes) over-the-top! You’ll be able to be so much more present during the day there with your loved ones, making it an even more special day ☺️ (Not to knock the big parties, but hopefully you understand what I mean ).

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