Let’s Cocktail! Espresso Martini

The drink of the moment…

The espresso martini is having a *moment* and for good reason… they are absolutely delicious. Obviously it’s not a new drink, but I’m loving the resurgence of this classic cocktail! And truthfully I’ve never had one until recently.

But while in Palm Beach a few weeks ago, our server offered to shake me up one and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. So delicious! And then I wanted to try it at home… and you know we love our coffee around here, so to pair espresso with a cocktail is a match made in heaven.

vintage coupe glasses (similar here)

I’ve been testing out recipes and this is my favorite so far… creamy (but not too heavy), sweet (but not too sweet), and fresh. Trust me, you will love. (My drink inspirations are all saved here!)

So let’s spice up your weekend (or Thursday night… yolo!) with a espresso martini, shall we?!

vintage coupe glasses (similar here) // martini shaker
Espresso Martini

Ingredients (serves 1)


2 oz vodka (I used Frankly!)

1 oz espresso (here is our coffee set-up, including the espresso maker that we love)

1/2 oz of Kahlúa

*1/2 oz vanilla simple syrup (Daysie is our favorite!)



Add all ingredients to a shaker, shake HARD, pour into glass, and enjoy!


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