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Spring Break Vibes!


There are two seasons in spring ““ flower season and spring break season! Obviously, the second one is just a little bit more fun, and spring break season is officially H-E-R-E. Seriously, it seems like each and every one of our friends is either planning a trip or leaving for a trip! And, we can’t be the only ones who think the first day of vacation feels like Christmas morning, especially if we’re jetsetting ANYWHERE warm!

But, packing? OMG, don’t even get us started! We’re all chronic over-packers on #teamABD because you just never know if you’re going to need all of the things or just some of the things. Our number one packing tip, especially for spring break? You 100% need your ABD! We’re sharing our top five ABD items on our spring break list, and everything ships FREE today only with SNOWDAY (we love you, northern friends!)!


A Cute Makeup Bag


Confession: we travel partially for the cute bags we get to bring with us! Ever since our First Class Floral Makeup Bag made her debut, we’ve been a little obsessed! First Class, Please is printed in gold foil, and the floral print is hand illustrated. Plus, the bag is pink! There cannot be a makeup bag that’s more fun, and we’re also happy to report it fits every last thing inside. You need this! P.S: Ashley shared how she packs her makeup bag, and it’s a must-read!



A Fancy Pouch


Aside from how to pack a makeup bag that’s on point, we have also learned pouches are your traveling BFF. Our I Love Your Flashy Ways pouch is almost too perfect for your jewelry ““ just pop the pouch inside your carry on, and you’re ready to go! But, the best part is this pouch (or our So Fresh & So Clean pouch!) can also easily double as a catchall for your room key, cash, cards, and phone in your beach bag. Bags that can do anything and everything win awards in our book! Also, the fact that they’re each just $19 and $23, respectively, is insane”¦literally. Add to cart!



A Happy Tumbler:


Sunscreen is a must when traveling, and a tumbler is too! Pop our Hello Sunshine tumbler into your carry on and fill it with water once you’re past security at the airport. Then keep it on hand throughout your trip! There isn’t a more fitting tumbler for a beach trip, except maybe our Best Day Ever water bottle“¦because isn’t every day of vacation the absolute best?! Just be warned, this tumbler is only $16, so it’s basically on its way to you as we speak!



A New Tank:


Whether you’re strolling on the sand or getting in a workout before you start your day, our Whatever tank is a FAVORITE! Every time we pop this on, we always think of “Clueless”. Plus, the vibe of any vacation is whatever happens, happens! At the end of the day, it’s just so cute, and you need it because it’s under $30!



A New Phone Case:


Your phone definitely needs to dress for the occasion! And, our Palm Leaf phone case has tropical vibes hand illustrated all over it! It’s a spring break must-have, especially because we all know you’re going to be snapping tons of photos in order to get just the right “˜gram for Insta. Hop over to the site to snatch this case up, or add one of our other go-to’s to your cart!



Now, let’s get to the super important question”¦where are you going for spring break? We need to know! We’re always adding to our list of places we need to see ASAP!

P.S: Make a big to-do list before you pack, and always drink coffee first!

P.P.S: Don’t forget to use SNOWDAY for free shipping today only!


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  1. Your post look like a fantastic. I see your post and I like your product. I will go on next vacation and I need better pair of shoe. I am interested to buy beautiful Plam leaf phone case. Please let me know about your product list.

    • Hi There! click on over to our shop page to shop our line! 🙂 Also, I’d try Tieks for great comfortable flats!

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