Ashley Brooke shares her favorite gold foil products from Ashley Brooke Designs! |


Give me ALL of the gold foil things!

All that glitters is gold (“¦or pink), so I thought we needed to have a serious chat about one of my favorite details. We’re about to talk about gold foil, so get ready. I’m way obsessed with this pretty detail because it makes anything and EVERYTHING feel much more fancy, which cannot be a bad thing. And, if I’m honest, I try to add it onto as many products and details (hello, ABD boxes!) as I can. So, let’s just all say we love it and talk about a few (“¦or all) of my favorite gold foil ABD products to use throughout my day (and yours!). I mean, how can you not add them all to your cart?!


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June 27-28, 2017


Ashley Brooke shares her favorite gold foil products from Ashley Brooke Designs! |



Choosing a travel mug to start the day is one of the hardest things about my morning! But, it’s a challenge I always happily accept. There is not one thing bad about starting off my day with our Lip or Palm Leaf travel mugs, that’s for sure. Plus, I always like to take a peek at my to-do list on my Happy Thoughts notepad before I run out of the door for my morning workout. I like knowing what I have to do to tackle the day, and sometimes the first thing I do when I get home is fill my travel mug right back up again. Coffee is fuel, friends!



Ashley Brooke shares her favorite gold foil products from Ashley Brooke Designs! |



As lunchtime and the start of the afternoon rolls around, we’re all sitting pretty at our desks making meetings happen. In order to keep my energy level up, I keep our Hello Sunshine mug on my desk. I love keeping our Fancy Pencil Set and a few pens inside for good measure. During meetings, I flip between my All The Things and All The Secrets notebooks. I usually keep all of my ABD shop things in one and everything for the blog in another. It’s the perfect way to stay organized and use both of my favorite notebooks throughout the day! P.S: When things get REAL over here, I know I need to fill up my Don’t Panic mug with a cup of tea. The message is on point!



Ashley Brooke shares her favorite gold foil products from Ashley Brooke Designs! |



I am forever writing thank you and “just because” notes to my besties. I love it! I use our personalized stationery when I’m thanking a friend, and I turn to our Hey, Girl Hey cards whenever I’m saying “hi!”. They’re sassy, super fun, and they always make me giggle! Plus, I’m always planning a trip IRL or dreaming of taking one just so I can use our First Class Floral makeup bag. I say this all the time, but it deserves another mention: this bag fits ALL the things! Sometimes you want to bring your real bottle of shampoo or conditioner with you, and I am here to tell you it will fit. Scoop up our favorite makeup bag and have it in time for your next trip away this summer!



Don’t forget, our gold foil S-A-L-E is only happening until tomorrow, plus our gold foil faves are selling out FAST. So, now is definitely the time to hop over to the shop, add ALL of the gold foil to your cart, and use “GOLD” at checkout for 15% off! Let me know what you have to have in the comments!


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