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Life these past few weeks have moved both fast and slow. It’s clear that we’re still trying to figure out what life after cancer looks like and you know what, I think that’s totally okay! We toggle back and forth between being overly joyed and overly anxious… and some days feel very hot and cold. One moment we are watching a sunset mesmerized, by God’s beauty and the fact that we GET to see another day, and the next we are frantically calling doctors to make sure “this new symptom” is normal as the chemicals continue to work their way out of Ryan’s body. We have Ryan’s final scan next week to which we’ve been counting down the days… this scan will hopefully and prayerfully say what all of the doctors are saying, that Ryan’s officially in the clear.  So as we’ve just been waiting over the past eight weeks we’ve been trying to find our new normal. A better than before, more grateful than ever, normal. 

It’s a weird and very wonderful place to be in. I was telling a few girlfriends last week how liberating it is to really know how precious, sweet, and fragile life is. To have an entire new outlook on everything. And to be unapologetically yourself because life is too short to be anyone but who God made you to be. It’s a place I hope I get to stay in. I love it here, even though it can get very weird at times… it’s also very, very, sweet. 

As we continue to find our footing, and reset our goals and dreams, I’m sure we’ll find our new normal. But until then, I’m good with us being a bit of a measured happy mess. 😉

A Few iPhone Snapshots of Life Recently!

Road Trip Essentials

We are leaving this morning for a little mountain getaway and there really isn’t anything in life I enjoy more than packing up road trip essentials! Growing up, we road-tripped often and it was the only time we were allowed to eat what we called “fun food”. And even though I’m not stocking the car with sugary treats and Candy Land, I still get a kick out of making sure we have tons of snacks, audio books, and mini food and water bowls for Dolly. I loath packing, but road trip packing is so fun!

P.S. You guys were cracking me up over on stories on Monday night! Thank you for all of your road trip snack suggestions! 

Dolly The Disaster

I love this dog more than is probably normal, but guys, she is a total disaster. I’ve never seen a happier dog which makes her extremely hard to train. She doesn’t do anything out of malice or spite, just pure joy! Even when she’s getting disciplined she sits there quietly wagging her tail, just so happy that you are talking to her, she could care less the tone of voice you are using. In this photo she is covered in dirt and pollen from a recent walk (it was a little wet outside too).

I mean it’s precious. But I’m at a loss, send HELP. 


Sprucing Up!

After an entire year of a very “crispy” backyard we’ve started to bring life back and I couldn’t be any more thrilled! I cannot tell you what a difference flowers make. There is something just so happy about them. 

I love nothing more than tending to them each and every morning. Our back yard is my happy place. 

P.S. Remember when it used to look THIS good?! It’s going to happen again. 

Ashley Brooke Book Club Reading Lists


Since launching the #AshleyBrookeBookClub I’ve really enjoyed connecting with you guys on something that is just for fun. Even though it’s technically work for me and there are a lot of logistics behind the scenes (new mini website coming soon!) it’s been something I’ve fallen in love with. 

Also, I kind of  love the excuse of being able to write off my book obsession as a business expense 😉

Garage Work out

Workout Buddies

I’ve been doing the BBG work out program for over 29 weeks now and love it! The workouts are almost unbelievably hard, but somehow I make it through each week. And now Ryan has started doing it with me, and it’s been a blast! He has been feeling so good and is back to 3 mile runs and daily work outs which is such a blessing. 

We don’t have a fancy in home gym or anything! We just line up our yoga mats and all of our equipment and make it happen. It’s been so fun! We crank up the music, set our circuit timers and go!

P.S. For more you can catch up on our cancer journey here!


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  1. Ashley and Ryan I am so happy to read this update! It’s truly amazing that Ryan is feeling up to running and working out again. I am starting walking this week and hopefully will be back at running in a few weeks too! I love how you explain what life is like after cancer. It really is so strange and scary at times but breathtakingly beautiful and happy too. Enjoy your trip to the mountains and time together! We just got back from a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains for Spring break. It was an awesome trip and the view is even more beautiful now. 😉 I will definitely be praying for you guys while you are waiting to get the news from his scan. I just had mine done this week and received the all clear. I will be looking for your happy update.

    • Gabrielle!!!

      Ah! So good to hear from you and I LOVE hearing that you had a clear scan, praise the Lord!! Ryan and I think of you so often. Also, I love how our paths just keep crossing, I can’t believe you too where just in the BR mountains, how funny! It really is just so beautiful here.

      Lots of love, friend!

      xo – Ashley Brooke

  2. Ashley I keep praying for you and your husband
    You both have such Grace
    All my hugs to you both and enjoy your time together

  3. Ashley! I am so glad to read your update…I think about you guys and your journey often and pray for you even though I don’t know you. You wrote a “measured happy mess” and I just HAD to comment…my fiancé died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism 4 years ago this week, and my life philosophy has always been “Happy Pretty Messy”. After he died, I wrote and had published a book by the same name, “Happy Pretty Messy: Cultivating Beauty and Bravery When Life Gets Tough.” It justttt sold out from my publisher (so sadly its no longer available on Amazon). It is being released as a paperback summer 2020…anyway this isn’t a book pitch but I do have a few first editions still in stock personally, and I would LOVE to send you one! The pretty watercolor cover would go well with all of your sunshine! You can visit my website natalie wise dot come or find me on IG (I will DM you there too). Sending so much love and prayers for a fantastically healing mountain getaway and a clear scan. Life is #happyprettymessy but God is good through ALL of it

    • Natalie! Thank you for reaching out and for your sweet note, means so much to me. I will look into your book, sounds amazing. It’s crazy the perspective you gain while walking through hard things. God is just so good.

      xo – Ashley Brooke

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