Loeffler Randall Penny Bow Heel Review

Loeffler Randall Penny Bow Heel Review

All The Details

I’ve had my eye on the Loeffler Randall Penny Bow Heel Sandals for years and years, and this year, I finally added them to my closet. I’m so glad I did. Since the moment they arrived, they’ve practically been the only shoe I’ve worn besides tennis shoes. I absolutely L-O-V-E these shoes, and could not be any happier with them, so I thought I’d break them down for you. A few of you have been asking for a review, and honestly I wish there would have been one out there when I was looking to purchase them, so hopefully this is helpful for you.

Are They True To Size?

No. You will absolutely want to size up a 1/2 size. To be honest, that threw me off, so make sure you order accordingly. I originally ordered my normal size, a size 9, and they were definitely too small. But when I got the 9 1/2, in they fit like a Cinderella shoe. I mean, honestly, a dream.

Are They Comfortable?

Would you believe me if I told you that they are my most comfortable heel?! Like honestly, THE most comfortable. I stood for three solid hours in them a week ago and was perfectly fine… and that NEVER EVER happens. For me, there was no “break in” period or anything. Just straight out of the box and complete magic.

What’s The Heel Height?

So, I have the 3.5″ heel height but they also come in a 2″ heel height (the Emilia!) and a flat sandal (the Daphne!). So really, there are so many options. I am right under 5’9″, and I honestly prefer a higher heel, even if I tower over everyone, ha! The 3.5″ is perfect for me!

Are They Worth It?

For me they were worth it, especially since they are now all I want to wear–ha! But they are definitely on the higher end price wise, and I thought long and hard about them. Only you know what is worth it for you, but for what I was looking for, absolutely.

More Affordable Options?

YES! Actually I picked up a pair of raffia shoes at Target yesterday that I thought were so cute. Also, these are similar at a much lower price point. If you aren’t ready to take the full Loeffler Randall Plunge, then these options below are a great way to try the style out.

Hope this Loeffler Randall Penny Bow Heel Review was helpful–happy shoe shopping!


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  1. Hi there!
    I know this post is from last year, but I’m thinking of purchasing the 4.5 platform heel. Any idea how comfortable they might be to walk in? I’m usually not a high heel lady, but since the heel is quite chunky, wondering how comfortable they would be. No worries if you have no idea. Thank you in advance!

  2. So glad you shared about the sizing! I got a pair of their sneakers and they ran tts, so I would have ordered wrong! Thanks! I love how versatile these are!

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