Ashley Brooke Designs - Gender Reveal Cake
Ashley Brooke Designs - Gender Reveal Cake

 Sprinkled Perfection!

Good morning and happy Friday to you! Today I wanted to share a few more photos from the adorable gender reveal cake my sister and I made for my bother-in-law and sister-in-law last week, since you guys were so interested!


Ashley Brooke Designs - Gender Reveal Cake


Like I said on Monday, I was so excited to volunteer to make the cake for such a special occasion and then when it came time to execute the project… my skills were somewhat lacking! Lucky for me, my sister is a pastry chef by education, and she helped me turn what could have been a disaster into the prettiest cake ever!

So here’s what we did: we tripled a white cake recipe, divided it out into four layers (6″ round pans), and mixed in gel food coloring at different volumes. We then popped them into the oven, and once they were done baking/cooling we cut the tops off and got them ready to ice. 

While they were still cooling (if we would have had enough time the cakes  should have been in the freezer setting… but me being the last minute baker, I left no room for that!), we doubled this Swiss Meringue Buttercream recipe and started the icing process! We also used cake dowels to stabilize the cake… this was a life saver!! Also, my sister brought over this fancy icing turn table… it was also a life saver!

Once the cake was iced, we sprinkled the whole thing with sprinkles and put the topper on (make from hot glue, sparkle sticker letters, and toothpicks!) and popped the cake in the fridge! 

I just LOVE the way it turned out and so did my sister-in-law and brother-in-law! The whole day was such a treat!

Happy baking, friends! xoxo


Ashley Brooke Designs - Gender Reveal Cake
Ashley Brooke Designs - Gender Reveal Cake

Ashley Brooke Designs - Gender Reveal Cake
Ashley Brooke Designs - Gender Reveal Cake 6



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Ombre Gender Reveal Cake - Ashley Brooke Designs

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  1. Hi 🙂
    How many people does this cake feed? Just wondering if a doubled cake batter might work for my do.

  2. Did you really triple the cake batter recipe you posted the link to? That recipe makes three 9 inch cake rounds…. sounds like a lot of Eggs!!

  3. Thank you for sharing! I will have to try it soon. Can I also ask: What camera do you shoot your blog pictures with?

  4. How did you get the sprinkles to stick so perfectly to the sides of the cake? Did you have to place them one by one?

    • Hi Kristen! We worked on the sprinkles for quite a bit, but just tossed them on & patting down gently!

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