Ashley Brooke Designs_Crazy Target Lady Makeover

Good morning and Happy Friday!!

This week’s lovely finds is all about giving the Crazy Target Lady a makeover! Like I said yesterday, I kinda love her… a lot.  Also, I may just be a teensy-weensy bit like her… hopefully in the non insane way, but regardless, let’s fancy her up a bit!

I think this is the perfectly polished (a bit over the top, but when is that ever bad?) with a touch of Christmas whimsy (note the gift bow earrings) holiday party look! What do you think?! Crazy Target Lady would look snazzy in this get-up!

P.S. those shoes are haunting me… I need them!

Images: blouse, skirt, earrings, shoes, bracelet, bracelet, clutch, nail polish, lip stick, pom pom


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