Ashley Brooke Designs- Game Night

We are game people over here, board games, card games, lawn games, you name it… we like to play it! You should just see our game closet, it’s a bit intense! And just for good measure my husband always keeps a spare board game in the trunk of his car just in case an opportunity arises to play. We are serious about our games! Ever since the move I have been dying to host a game night but the house is still a bit disheveled (i.e. almost every wall has 3 or 4 paint swatches painted on it… I can’t seem for the life of me to pick a color!) but I’m thinking the more margaritas I serve the less people will notice!

What about you, do you love a good game night?!

Hope you have a happy weekend! xoxo

Tray, Dominos, Monogrammed Playing Cards, Tumblers, SkinnyGirl Margaritas, Floor Cushions, Camera Strap, Popcorn Bowl, Notepads, and Pens


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