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I wear glasses, well, most of the time I wear contacts, but on occasion I bust out my glasses. I like them, but I am really starting to embrace the chic look of the wide rimmed glasses. I am now kicking myself that a year ago I was too “nervous” to wear the larger specs after my Mom told me that I should get them, and in her words she said “they are in and you are young, who cares… rock the large glasses! Just think you and your grandmother would be in style together and that would be cute.” not only was she sassy (lol), but she was totally right.. now, I want them! Gosh darn it! Mom always knows what’s best.

P.S. If I had multiple pairs of hopelessly chic glasses, I would store them on a hanger… love that idea! So simple, yet genius!

Have a wonderful weekend! Sending lots of love your way!

xoxo- AB

Photo Credit: Portrait via Pintrest, Glasses 1 & 2 via SpexClub, Glasses 3 via Oliver Peoples, Glasses Hanger via Pintrest


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