Ashley Brooke Designs: Gettin' Organized

Good morning and happy Friday! Today’s lovely finds is all about gettin’ organized! I’m a bit of an organization nut. I have a hard time with clutter and the Salvation Army drop off guys know me by name! I always say that if I can’t remember where its from or the last time I wore it… it’s gone. I LOVE getting rid of the old and bringing in the new, when I clean our house or studio… I gauge my success in hefty bags, this in turn, worries my husband… he thinks I may have a problem. He might be right!

Regardless, this is the perfect time of year to get reorganized, so here are a few of my favorite OCD-tastic supplies!

Archie Grand Notebook: “Designers I Met and Like“… to keep all of your brilliant goals for 2012

Gold paperclips, who said paperclips can’t be fancy?!

Label maker… Any OCDer’s favorite possession. I would label you if you stood still long enough!

Magazine/File Organizers. To keep all of your Martha Stewart Issues and container store magazines in order of course!

Filofax. To keep all of those calling cards you collect in perfect order!

Extra stamps! It’s the WORST when you can’t find a stamp… the absolute worst!

Paperfinger custom return address stamp. Perfect for making thank you note writing chic and easy!

Okay, those are just a few of my favorites. Do you have a favorite?? Do share, there is nothing more I love than a good chat about school, I mean… office supplies.


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