Good morning and happy Friday to you!! Today I’m headed out for family “camping” trip–I use the word camping lightly…we don’t camp, we glamp! Since my family is all kinds of nuts and my sister asked for one thing for her birthday this year and it was to go on a family camping trip, that is what we are doing! We have seriously geared up! I’m talking: new tents, air mattresses, grills, beach cruisers, bikinis, tiki torches, etc. And since I also could not be stopped I, of course made us all custom koozies. I’m not exactly sure what happened but since we haven’t all been camping together since my sister and I were in elementary school, I think we all just lost our minds and went a bit bananas on the camping gear! Anyways, it should be a hoot and a half, so if I were you… I’d follow along (#CampDaniel2014), I’m sure it will be nothing less than hysterical.


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