Ashley Brooke Designs- Pumpkin Bread

Hello! Happy Friday to you!

Today I wanted to share with you what I like to call a “hipster” recipe! It’s totally the “in” thing right now to be baking gluten free, dairy free, and soy free recipes… but for my sister, it’s a must! She has all three of these food allergies, which is no fun, (but makes her super cool by Whole Foods standards!) especially since she went to pastry school! Anyways, she has been baking up a storm recently coming up with modified recipes to some of our Fall favorites! And I can tell you first hand that her Pumpkin Bread recipe is AMAZE! So if you are GF,DF, or SF… or you are like me and want to be “cool”, this recipe is a must try!

Hop on over to her blog for all the yummy details!

Happy hipster baking!


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