Ashley Brooke Designs - Lovely Finds: Minty Fresh

Ashley Brooke Designs - Lovely Finds: Minty Fresh

Good morning and happy Friday!

Since we are officially into March I am starting to completely become obsessed with everything green, mint green to be exact! I’m currently loving… mint green accessories, mint gelato, mint markers, mint tableware… you name it! And as B said the other day, “Ashley, mint is totally in for Spring” which officially makes my mint obsession justified!

Also, two side notes…

1. Hunny, if you are reading this… I wouldn’t mind finding any one of these things wrapped up in a big bow sitting on my desk! (…wink, wink)

2. Not featured, but not to be left out… Thin Mints from our oh-so-adorable neighborhood Girl Scouts!

Have a fabulous weekend! xx- AB

Sharpie, Necklace, Nail Polish, Clutch, Shorts, Earrings, Spoon, Gelato, Shoes, and Bowl


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