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Good morning and happy Friday to you! I thought today I would share with you what most of my mornings look like and my favorite work out gear! I am not a marathon runner by any means but I do really enjoy my morning run, it keeps me in shape and my mind clear. But I think a big part of exercise is feeling good about yourself and you can’t do that if you are wearing your old cheer shirt and soffee shorts from the 8th grade (guilty!). So here are a few things that I wear/eat pretty much every morning! Nike running jacket (it’s amazing… go buy it today!!), shorts, and watch (this is also amazing it tracks your pace, time, distance, and calories!). I like to listen to Pandora while I run so I’m not listening to the same play list every morning, also I like having my phone on me, just in case! This Belkin arm band is amazing, it also has little pockets to hold trinkets of all sorts which is great for your keys! And then of course after your morning work out… my favorite part… you have to refuel! I usually drink water and coffee of course, but then a Naked juice (looks strange but it is SO good) and a Clif Mojo protein bar for breakfast! So that’s it, that is what a normal morning looks like for me! What does your morning look like? Do you do some sort of exercise? If so, what is your favorite workout wear?

Have a wonderful weekend!

xo- AB

Image Credit: lululemon, running jacket, watch, shorts > Nike, i-phone 4 Belkin Arm Band, Fiji Water, Green Machine Naked Juice, Clif Mojo Bar


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