Ashley Brooke Designs- Lovely Finds : Popcorn Obsessed 2

Ashley Brooke Designs- Lovely Finds : Popcorn Obsessed 1

Since yesterday was National Popcorn Day, I feel like it is only fitting to do a Lovely Finds based around my all time favorite snack. I would not be lying to you if I told you I eat popcorn It’s so good, I can’t help it! My mom used to have a fresh bowl of homemade popcorn waiting for my sister and I when we’d get home from school. So with out a doubt around 3:30 each afternoon I get a hankering for popcorn. I even pre-pop bags of it when I am going out of town, or stop into a local movie theater just to get a big JUMBO size bucket and leave with no intention of ever seeing a movie, I’m addicted. I try to tell people, but no one believes me until they see it! Even my good friend Mindy Lockard (over at the Gracious Girl) gave a good laugh when she spotted a bag of popcorn in my Longchamp bag while we were having drinks at The Plaza in NYC last year… I told her I wasn’t sure what big bags were for if not to hold popcorn!?

images: Photo, Whirley Pop, Kernels, Oil, Salt Grinder, Silver Popcorn Bowl


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