Lovely Finds: Romantic Locks

Good morning and Happy Friday!! This week’s lovely finds is all about the romantic hair. Since I work from home I am usually sporting some sort of top knot, braid, or pony tail. I have a hard time drawing when my hair is down, it falls in my face and in turn I can not see what I am doing so when I came across these looks on Pintrest I instantly fell in love. They all are up off the face and romantic, and seem pretty easy to do (except that last one on the left… I think I would need an extra set of hands for that one!). And what is even better about these looks is that after a long day at the drawing table all I would need is a swipe of lip gloss (oh and a quick change out of my yoga pants) and I would be ready for date night!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!!

xoxo- AB

Photo Credit Pintrest: Right: Little Loveables Left: Curly Hairstyle Mag., This is Glamorous, Confetti-me


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