Good morning and happy Friday to you! Today is all about the perfect apple pie! To be completely honest, I have never baked an apple pie before. My sister is the pastry chef in my family, and no one can even come close to whipping up goodies like she does! So, when we had a few friends over for dessert, coffee, and wine last week I thought — instead of pulling out on my sister’s cakes from the freezer (yes, I have her make me cakes and I freeze them for social events…. they are just THAT good!), I would try my hand at whipping up a homemade apple pie. After doing a bit of research (ahem, pinning.), I came across this recipe that promised to be easy; so, I gathered all my ingredients, said a prayer, and started! It turned out perfectly–everything down to the homemade crust! You must try this recipe this weekend, your friends and family will be so happy you did!

The Perfect Apple Pie Recipe

Happy Weekend, friends!!


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