ABD Lovely Finds_Preppy Pumpkin

Good morning and happy Friday to you! This week’s lovely finds is all about crafting a preppy glittery pumpkin. As you know, I am obsessed with all things pumpkin (as you can see here) and carving pumpkins is no exception. But sometimes it is fun to do something a bit different, as I was searching around for some great pumpkin ideas I can across this idea and I thought how could I make this a bit more sassy… I know, black glitter and striped ribbon! I photoshopped up an image on the left hand side of what the finished look would be… now, if I can only get myself to a craft store this weekend I could whip this up in no time!!

I hope you have a happy and Halloween candy filled weekend!

Photos: ABD Photoshopped Image, LARGE Pumpkin, Carver, Modge Podge ,Sponge brush, Martha Stewart Glitter, Striped RibbonPillar Candle,


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