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We are gearing up for our BIG trip (we leave next Wednesday) … and since we are taking SO MUCH STUFF (we might end up looking like that van on the left if we don’t make our official airline 50lb weight limit!) it is just about time for me to get my bags organized! So today I thought I’d share with you a few of my travel essentials

Spinner: I am obsessed with this suitecase, it is so easy to manage and the perfect ammount of space!

Skull Candy Head Phones: I recently got these headphones for my birthday and I am never leaving home with out them… I love them!

laptop case: Love my little pink laptop case, it is great and simple… just what you need when you are going though security!

mac book: a necessity, but you already knew that!

Magazines: It’s one of my favorite things to do right before I board a plane, stock up on the glossies!

Scarf: Sometimes it’s hot… sometimes its cold….

Hand Creme: Staying hydrated, seriously important.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm: Staying hydrated, seriously important.

Moleskin Notebook: for all of those spontaneous brilliant ideas and sketches.

Eclipse Mints: everyone is so squished into one another on an airplane, it’s a necessity.

Clif Mojo Bars: I could always use a snack.

Water: Staying hydrated, seriously important.
Photo Credit: Packed Van


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