Ashley Brooke Designs- Under the WeatherThis week I seem to have caught the bug that has been going around, my sister had it first and then she thoughtfully shared it with me over Thanksgiving… what can I say, we’re sisters… we share everything!

Anyway, can you believe it is December? I’m so excited, I’m practically the spitting image of that “Holiday Target Lady” all season long, my Husband keeps telling me to slow down my jingle bells – it’s difficult, although I am trying! Since I was forced into spending some downtime this week (I am blaming my sister for that) I put together a few of my favorite comfort items for when I’m feeling under the weather… Trust me it’s  good list.

1. Cozy Socks  (via: dress, design & decor | photo by:  Twig Hutchinson)

2. Melody Gardot Album… my new favorite, I’ve even made a “Melody Gardot Pandora Channel”

3. 101 Dalmatians Sketches by Bill Peet (whom I think is a genius!). This movie is my all time favorite “cheer up movie”. I love everything about it, the illustrations are sheer perfection! My favorite scene is when Roger and Anita first meet and their leashes get all tangled up and they fall into the pond… it’s the sweetest “meet-cute“. (sketches found via: Michael Sporn animation inc.)

4. Snuggle-ly Blanket from Barefoot Dreams… if you have not yet snuggled up with a Barefoot Dreams blanket you need to run out and find yourself one ASAP! (via Layla Grace)

5. Fuzzy pom-pom slippers from the GAP. Adorable, no?

6. And finally if you must eat Chicken Noodle Soup for every meal (which I feel is necessary when you are sick) then lets put the soup in a pretty bowl! (via Anthropologie)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo- AB

PS: For those of you looking for a Holiday craft this weekend, check out our lastest DIY video!


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