Watermelon Mojito Bites via Ashley Brooke Designs

I mean, honestly… Watermelon Mojito Bites, I just made your weekend so much more fun… and you are welcome.

1/4 C sugar
1/4 C warm water
A pinch of salt
1/4 C lime juice
2 tsp. freshly grated lime zest
1 medium large watermelon (8-10 lbs), cut into bite-sized chunks
2 T finely chopped, fresh mint

**Plus a splash of your favorite rum, totally optional… but you know it’s a good idea!

In a medium sized bowl, mix together the sugar and water and stir until sugar is dissolved. (Make sure your water is warm so the sugar can dissolve quicker). Stir in the lime juice and the lime zest. You will want the mixture cool before you pour it over the watermelon, so just place it in the fridge for about an hour or so. Once cooled, stir in the chopped mint.
Take cold watermelon chunks and place in large bowl. Pour sugar mixture over watermelon and stir gently. Serve chilled.

**ABD add on.

Recipe Originally From: The Desktop Cook

Images // Watermelon, Mint, Rum, Limes, Salt, Sugar


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