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I love to work out, yes, I know I’m weird. It’s the only way I know how to clear my head and get my day going so it is a daily thing for me. When I don’t work out in the morning my productivity is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than it is when I go for a run or go to the gym… crazy right?! Anyway, I’d love to tell you that I look like the girl above when I’m at the gym, but the truth is I usually look like a hot mess. Let’s just say I wear a lot of old college t-shirts and random cheerleading shorts, I’m lucky if my socks even match.

This wasn’t really a problem before when I was working out in our apartment gym and I was the only one in there. But now that we’ve moved we have a membership to a real gym, where people wear real gym clothes and don’t look like a complete disaster. Seriously, it’s a little embarrassing! I am going to need to get my act together and get some real (matching) gym clothes, preferably ones that aren’t also used for painting and yard work.

Are you like me? Or are you one of those fancy people at the gym that looks fabulous? If you are the latter, feel free to send me your tips!

P.S. All of the items above are on my wish list… pretty right?!

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