Ashley Brooke and Ryan at The Magnolia Company Farm -

Where Christmas Happens in Florida

In Florida, it’s tough to have the whole ‘Christmas tree farm experience’, where you get all bundled up, thermos some hot cider, and set out to find the perfect tree. Sometimes I feel like the Christmas spirit is way, way further North…  That is until we discovered The Magnolia Company. Just a short drive from our home in Orlando, it’s absolutely our version of a Christmas Tree Farm, except we got to leave with gorgeous, festive wreaths and garland.  It was pure magic!

We were destined to be friends with Matt and Julie of The Magnolia Company long before we met them a few weeks ago. Have you ever had it happen to you, where you just keep hearing about the same people over and over again and years? Then boom, you meet, and you wonder why it took so long?! Well, that is exactly what happened when Ryan and I finally met them face to face. We share a CPA and Matt’s sister used to be one of our sales reps, so our paths have been destined to cross for years now and I am so glad they finally did.

Ashley Brooke Designs at The Magnolia Company Farm -
Ashley Brooke at The Magnolia Company Farm -

The Magnolia Company, as you probably guessed, grows magnolia trees. Then they harvest the leaves each year to make the most beautiful year-round and seasonal decorations. If you didn’t think magnolia could look festive, think again!  You’ve probably seen their work everywhere and never even knew it! (the White House, Barneys New York, Oprah’s Favorite Things, to name just a few)

Matt and Julie invited Ryan and I, along with our photographer, Danielle, out to their farm to take a peek behind the scenes. I’m not going to lie, I have never in my life been more excited for a project. I adore the holiday season and the chance to see a real live Christmas workshop in action is on the very top of my bucket list. Also, I felt like as soon as we stepped out of the car we were transported into a Hallmark movie. I honestly thought my heart was going to explode.

Ashley Brooke at The Magnolia Company Farm -

We had the opportunity to explore the actual farm where they grow their magnolias and tour the facility where they hand-make their wreathes and garland.Seeing such craftsmanship from start to finish was such an honor.  Not only was the whole experience incredibly beautiful visually, but the people we met were even more wonderful.

Matt and Julie told us their life story and about the rich history of their family farm. At each turn Ryan and I kept saying to each other, “this needs to be a Hallmark movie.” Then, just when we were about to tour their last facility to see where the garland is made, they told us about the devastating fire that almost shut them down a few years ago.

Ashley Brooke at The Magnolia Company Farm -
Ashley Brooke Designs at The Magnolia Company Farm -

Ashley Brooke Designs at The Magnolia Company Farm -
Ashley Brooke Designs at The Magnolia Company Farm -

Several years ago, the week of Thanksgiving, an entire wing of their facility went up in flames. As you know, for most retailers Thanksgiving week is the week that usually makes the whole year. And to loose the majority of your inventory, your boxes and the facility was catastrophic. Hopelessness set in. As Matt was recalling the story a tear ran down his face as he told us about how their team of showed up as soon as it was safe again and worked around the clock to remake wreaths, garland, and repackage boxes so that their customers could have the festive Christmas and Thanksgiving they were looking forward to. Mid-story, I turned to Julie and her cheeks were full of tears as well. We were all in tears by the time we left.

Ashley Brooke Designs at The Magnolia Company Farm -
Ashley Brooke Designs at The Magnolia Company Farm -

Not only is The Magnolia Company a family, but it is real Christmas magic.  I am so happy to have found this place and I would highly recommend you take a look. I can’t wait to show you what we picked for our front porch.  That will be another post as soon as we get it all set up!

Ashley Brooke and Ryan at The Magnolia Company Farm -

Details | His:

Plaid Shirt // Jeans // Watch

Details | Hers:

Ruffle Mini Skirt // Suede Strap Flats // Plaid Shirt // Lip Stick

Photographed by: Dani Nichol Photography
In partnership with: The Magnolia Company


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  1. What a gorgeous place! I love magnolia trees especially when they bloom here in South Carolina. My husband and I plan to plant one in our new backyard this spring.

    • Isn’t it stunning?! I’m thinking about moving in! Also, you 100% need to plant one… they smell amazing!

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