Before I get into it let me caveat this post by saying I am not a doctor or a therapist. And if you are struggling with anxiety you should absolutely talk to someone, your feelings matter, you matter.

Okay, so. If you’ve been following along for a little while now you know, I’m a big fan of CBD. I’m a believer in its mental and physical health benefits and have seen it work first hand in my own life.

I, like most, have seasons of high stress and anxiety, and for me CBD has really made a difference in my life. I started taking CBD in 2018 while Ryan was undergoing treatment for cancer. I had been hearing about CBD and how it was helping friends with stress management and I thought, well, it was worth a shot!

And to be honest it was just what I needed in that season. The CBD didn’t take the stress/anxiety away but it softened out the sharp edges. I was able to relax enough to take deep breaths and start to get a handle on things which was more than I could ask for!

Since then I have been taking CBD regularly, and I love the benefits. I’ve added CBD to my morning routine, like a vitamin, and it helps reduce stress and anxiety”¦ and that’s all I want in my life, ha! So when I heard that my girl Martha was launching her own CBD line I couldn’t wait to try it out!

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Everything from the packaging, to the gourmet flavors, to the quality CBD had me excited to give it a whirl. Plus I loved that it was backed by Canopy Growth which is a industry brand you can trust. But when my shipment came in I was blown away.

In true Martha fashion the line is flawless. It’s beautifully made, tastes delicious (the gummies are my favorite, like candy), and the highest quality CBD isolate. It’s kind of a dream CDB brand to be honest.

Just like other supplements, finding a CBD brand that you can trust can be hard, I’ve found a few, but Martha Stewart CBD has the full package.

If you haven’t tried out CBD and are interested in seeing the benefits first hand, try the gummies first. They are really good (the Berry Medley is my fave), you’ll honestly  look forward to taking them! And if you have tried CBD before but not Martha’s CBD, then girl, hop on over to the site”¦ you know what to do! 😉

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Also, just remember, CBD has all the benefits and absolutely no high or side effects!

In partnership with Martha Stewart CBD


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  1. Hello! I have a very random question BUT I am in the process of a mini-kitchen makeover and we’re doing green cabinets!!!! I know you will be sharing the full deets soon but wondering if you would share the paint color and knobs you chose? I have to decide soon and love what you’ve done. Thanks in advance!

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