Meet Me in the Margins

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Hi, hello, Happy May! What in the world–I cannot believe it is May. It seemed like this month would never get here and now, here we are! In Florida, May definitely signals the start of summer and I am so excited to dig into summer reading and all the great books that are hitting the shelves this season. Books in the summer hit differently, yes?!

This month’s book is just a delightful starting point. I had zero expectations when I started this one and wow, I was truly obsessed from the beginning. I hope you fall in love with the charming story just as easily as I did!

Ashley Brooke


Meet Me in the Margins

Melissa Ferguson

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Quick Summary

Savannah Cade works for a prestigious publishing house who prides itself on only publishing highbrow literature and looks at romance novels as the lowliest of the low. Which is why she is mortified when she accidentally drops her own romance manuscript in a meeting, in front of her boss, no less. In a panic she runs to the ARC room and stashes her book away until she can sort it out after hours. When she returns she finds that an anonymous editors has left notes, in the margins of her manuscript. What follows is a charming back and forth between Savannah and her mystery editor, who helps her not only perfect her manuscript but also come into her own.

About The Author

Melissa Ferguson lives in Bristol, Tennessee, where she enjoys chasing her children and writing romantic comedies full of humor and heart. Her favorite hobby is taking friends and acquaintances and turning them into characters in her books without their knowledge. She is confident you should read all her novels, starting with this one.

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From the editors

I’m not sure what I expected when I picked up this book, but this wasn’t it and I LOVED IT. Such a clever storyline and one that I didn’t want to end. Was hooked from chapter 1.

Ashley Brooke

I LOVED this book. I was hesitant to start it because I was kind of burnt out on books about books (shocking I know!!). But I started this and was immediately invested in Savannah’s story. It is charming and a little bit magical and you will adore it!


Meet Me in the Margins is a delight! From the lovable characters, to all the book content, to the city of Nashville, it’s hard to pick what I loved most. Can’t wait for you to read this one!


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