Monday Morning Musings | 181

Mini Weekend Recap

On Friday morning, I drove up to Savannah and picked up Ryan (he was there for a few days of meetings), and from there we headed on up to Charleston for the weekend. We had the best family weekend full of long mornings over multiple pots of coffee, and dinners that went on long after we put all the kiddos to bed. And I had to laugh on Sunday night when I looked at my phone and realized that I hadn’t charged it once during the entire trip, but I still had full battery. If that isn’t a sign of a weekend well spent and unplugged, I don’t know what is!

Charleston in the South | Monday Morning Musings | 181
Monday Morning Musings | 181

I will say, Charleston was magical this weekend, and we even had little whispers of fall. And of the few photos I took this weekend, I will also say I’m glad that I grabbed this one. You just can’t beat autumn in the south.

I hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend, and that you find a little something that you, too, love from the list below! 😉

5 Things I’m Loving

Don’t miss that under $50 dress!
Madewell - The Monique Buckle Clog | Monday Morning Musings | 181


Leather Clogs

I’m fully on the clog bandwagon. I think they’re downright adorable! Now I just need a pair.

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Reformation - Brea Skirt | Monday Morning Musings | 181


Fall Floral Skirt

I love the idea of a pretty floral skirt and chunky sweater! Cozy and feminine… plus, it will last through multiple seasons, which is my favorite kind of clothing item.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this skirt since I spotted it a few days ago!

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Nude Makeup Palette: Nudegasm | Charlotte Tilbury


Face Palette

Okay, so I got this face palette a month ago, and it’s practically all I’ve been wearing since. It’s the perfect amount of glow and just honestly, PERFECT. The blush, the bronzer, the highlighter. All of it. Well worth the purchase.

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Cooler Bag

I really need one of these! I keep saying I’m going to pick one up for the beach/picnics.

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H&M - Crinkled Kaftan Dress


Under $50 Find

I call these dresses “Lady of The House” type dresses, and I am here for this one. It’s the perfect dress to wear around the house when you want ultimate comfort but also want to feel like you aren’t in your sweats, you know?! Wear it belted or flowy, it’s good either way!

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