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First Pumpkin Bread of The Season

 I finally made pumpkin bread on Saturday afternoon and it was heaven. The spices swirled around the house while Ryan watched college football, which made it my ideal Fall afternoon! We spent the weekend recovering from Ryan’s latest treatment. While he slept, I got the chance to finish my book, give myself a mani-pedi, catch up on my BBG workouts, online shop for Dolly’s Halloween costume, bake, organize my closet, write thank you notes, start a new show (it’s so creepy!), and, last but not least, try out a new skincare line.

The weekends after treatments are always unbelievably hard as we manage the side effects of chemo.  I’ve figured out that if I make a list of fun at-home tasks and cross them off as I go it makes the weekend so much more enjoyable.  Seriously, I make the most ridiculous to-do list of all time… “read 2 chapters in the book while nail polish dries” … “try new face mask while organizing sweaters”…  and work my way through it.  Although I would trade it in a second for Ryan’s bill of full health, I’ve honestly come to really love these weekends.


5 Things I’m Loving

The Magic Cream

I’ve never had “dry” skin in my life… like never. But for some reason, over the past few months, my skin has been noticeably dryer. I haven’t been liking the way my foundation was laying on my skin and I decided it was time to switch up my evening routine. I started using this face cream and in about 3 days I saw a massive difference! I’m now fully committed to it! 

Shop Here

Fall Bag Under $50

I was working on pulling together a few Fall outfits for an upcoming trip to Charleston and I realized that my Fall bag situation was a little sad! So I did a little online digging and found this one for $45, adorable right?! It came in over the weekend and it’s even prettier in person! 

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A New Read

My BFF Betsy has been doing these amazing book reviews over on her Instagram stories and I am addicted to them! Just last week she reviewed this book and, of course, I downloaded it on Audible that day. Can not wait to start it!

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The prettiest boots

I just got these boots and I am SMITTEN with them. I can’t get over the gold detail. They are literally the perfect Fall boot… if you are looking for a new pair this season, I can not recommend these enough! 

Shop Here

New Favorite Journal

Friends of ours sent Ryan and I set of these Five-Minute Journals when they heard about Ryan’s diagnosis. It’s been one of our favorite gifts. One of the nasty side effects of Chemo is depression and even though he’s been able to really manage that side effect super well, these journals have played a major part. We even stocked up on a few to give as gifts to friends of ours who are also walking the same path. If your a journal-er you will L-O-V-E this one!  

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  1. The Five Minute Journals are one of the coolest things! I was gifted one for graduation from high school, and keeping track of each day through four years of college and beyond was such a joy. Pretty cool to cherish each day!

  2. Thank you for sharing!! I have been looking for a new book since finishing The Wednesday Sisters this weekend! (Highly recommend it too!)

    Praying for Ryan and you during this time!

  3. Oh my gosh! Yes, Iran’s You so creepy! I literally wanted to delete all my social media accounts. But I also wanted to yell at Beck “will you buy curtains or blinds! Hello people can see you!!”

  4. I just finished reading Rush not too long ago and it was really good! I was expecting something light and fluffy, but it actually had a LOT more substance than I expected.

    briana |

    • Briana! I started it yesterday and I’m loving it so far! So glad to hear you love it too!
      Send over any more book recs… I’m all ears! 🙂 xoxo – AB

  5. All good things. Love the boots even if they are a bit high. Great handbag find. I bought my new fall bag weeks aho and maybe I’ll bring it out Oct 1st. Florida problems. I have Rush sitting in my shelf. Book blogger problems always more books than time!! I pray Ryan will be feeling stronger soon. Thinking of you both.

    • Anita!

      Haha! #FloridaPromblems are right! Also, you should read Rush too that way we can discuss! 🙂

      Also, thank you for the prayers! xoxo- AB

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