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The “Weekend-est” Weekend, Ever

Happy Monday, friends! I am SO sad this weekend is over because it was such a good one and much needed! I spent Friday night at Bar Taco celebrating one of my favorite lady’s birthday. Saturday we brunched, baked, and went to my parents’ house for dinner. And Sunday night I celebrated another BFF’s birthday at the beach. To say it was a lovely and full weekend would be an understatement. I want a million more just like it! 

Madewell Silk Bandana // J. Crew Tee & Cardigan // Larson & Jennings Watch 

5 Things I’m Loving :

Otherland Candles

Okay, I have a new candle obsession. Have you tried Otherland candles yet? I feel like they are SUPER buzzy right now, but for a good reason! They smell like heaven and the Daybed scent is my fave of the moment!

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Silk Skinny Bandana

I don’t know who I think I am, but I’m totally into the bandana trend (finally, I know) and can’t stop wearing them. It’s part chic, part flight attendant, and part “well-aren’t-you-cute”! I’ve been wearing this one non-stop and it’s only $10!

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The Best Jeans Ever

I have these jeans in THREE… that’s right T-H-R-E-E colors I love them so much. If you haven’t tried them you absolutely must.  They are high-waisted, ultra stretchy, and never-ever lose their shape! Also, they are under $80 which is crazy-amazing. GO. GET. THEM

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Laneige Lip Mask

I’m very into lip masks right now. I realize it’s kind of a funny thing to be into, but, whatever, I’m in deep. I’ve been trying all kinds lately.  This one came in a gift bag I received and I’m now addicted! I love the scent, plus it actually WORKS! Also, the price point is unbeatable. If you ask me, it’s never wrong to be kiss ready! 😉 

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Chic Pet Essentials

OMG. This site is my new favorite! I laughed out loud when I saw it for the first time. A high-end pet essentials shop?! Yes and YES! I love all of their products and they even sent me a box full of their blush line to try with Dolly. So far she is very into the leash but a little nervous about the carrier… but have no fear, I will get her to LOVE it. 

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