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Can I Have Just One More Day?!

I can honestly say I did not want this weekend to end. After an exhausting week (which I wrote about on Thursday), we took a half day on Friday and spent the rest of the weekend, just, weekend-ing.

We had a candle light dinner at home on Friday night, sipped lattes at one of our favorite local coffee shops, enjoyed a late lunch at Hillstone (hello, kale salad!), started a new Netflix series (thanks, Carly!), caught up on housework, baked a new recipe, had family dinner al fresco, breakfast at our favorite diner… And we topped it all off Sunday night with s’mores & a little backyard bonfire.

It was one of the best weekends we’ve had in a long while. 

This week will be full to the brim with work and activities, but I’m thankful for such a restful and productive weekend, it was just what the doctor ordered. 


This Entire Look

I popped on over to J.Crew to take a peek at their mega sale this weekend and got stuck on this image. I legit love every.single.thing. about it. The matching beret, sweater, denim, sunnies and yellow coat. I can’t get enough. I don’t own a beret, but this look is quickly selling me on the idea! Also, J.Crew is KILLING the sweater game this year.

Shop Here

Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins

Okay, tell me you will make these TODAY. Please. I whipped these up on Sunday afternoon and not only where they extra easy to make (only used 1 bowl!) but they turned out SO. GOOD. Plus, they’re dairy free and gluten free… so it’s practically like eating a kale salad! 😉

Recipe Here

Boyfriend Blazers…

I’m into them. I ordered one very similar to this one from Atlantic Pacific collection at Nordstrom and it came in on Friday – needless to say I wore it all weekend long. It’s so chic, flattering, and makes you feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (in a good way, ha!). It completely elevates your style. I’m telling you this is going to be my new go-to look this season.

Shop Here (under $100!)

The Perfect Cocktail

Halloween in our neighborhood is always so much fun. I plan on eating chili, sipping on festive cocktails and handing out candy until the little ones can no longer keep their eyes open… It’s one of my favorite nights of the year! So while doing a little cocktail research I came across this cocktail called “English Harvest” and it looked so yummy that I might have to whip it up! 

Recipe Here

A Fall Favorite

While searching for a fun Fall movie to watch this weekend I stumbled across an old classic, Sweet Home Alabama. Guys, I totally forgot HOW Fall this movie actually is. If you are craving a cozy movie night this week, turn this one on! 


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  1. I’m tempted to try your healthy recipes, but don’t even know where to get some of the ingredients! Where would I buy these ingredients? Whole Foods? Trader Joe’s? Your pumpkin pie looks delicious and then I read the ingredients. ???? And then these muffins….they look delicious but again, the ingredients. ????? I promise to try one of your recipes once I can find the ingredients! 🙂

    • Patricia! Ha! I totally get that! I’m not vegan, so I always substitute the “Flax Eggs” for real eggs, and the almond meal and gluten free flour I find at Publix, Walmart, Trader Joes, etc. Let me know if that helps! Do you have a specific ingredient you are looking for?! Happy to help!

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