I’m Addicted. 

I think I told you all this a few weeks ago, but it’s worth saying again. I’m addicted to acai bowls. Like, gotta-have-one-everyday kind of addicted. This past weekend I continued my quest to perfect the consistency and I’m still not quite there, but I feel like I’m getting close! If you have any tips on how to get the perfect ice cream-texture acai bowl PLEASE let me know. Mine are still a little too smoothie like!! And don’t worry. As soon as I perfect this thing I will definitely share my recipe with you, but for now it’s back to the blender! 

Other than spending the weekend whipping up acai bowls, we spent the last few days playing with Dolly and piddling around the house – meaning tons and tons of house chores! One of my favorite ways to spend the weekend!


5 Things I’m Loving

1. I popped into Target over the weekend for mascara and ended up leaving with SO many cute things! I honestly haven’t stepped foot into a Target in months, which is NUTS to even say out loud, so I was genuinely shocked to see all the adorable pieces. I even picked up this dress because I couldn’t bare to leave the store without it!

2. On Sunday evening Ryan and I popped a big bowl of popcorn, grabbed our comfiest blankets, and snuggled up on the couch for a movie. After browsing for a while we landed on The Post and I can’t recommend it enough! If you haven’t seen it yet, you must! It was seriously so, so good!

3. My sister potty trained her dog Darcy with a jingle bell at the back door, and she hits it with her little paw every time she needs to go out.  So I thought we’d try and do the same! We found this little bell on Amazon called the Gogo Bell and we ordered it right away. She is finally starting to get the hang of ringing the bell when she needs to go outside, but more than anything it’s just cute watching her learn! If you are training a dog, I’d definitely look into getting one! It’s worked wonderfully for my sister, and I can already see a lot of progress with Dolly! 

4. My good friend Alex sent me this beautiful dress from her line Persifor a few months ago and I’ve finally been able to break it out. And oh my gosh I’m obsessed with it! It has totally become my new uniform! If you haven’t worn a Persifor dress you need to order yourself one ASAP! 

5. I’m totally crushing on these earrings from Tuckernuck! They just scream sunshine and sherbert to me… I think we all need them! 


Photo via Design Love Fest




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    • OMG, Right?! They’ve been seriously stepping up their game and I’ve been loving it!! You need to go make a Target run ASAP! xx

  1. I love Persifor dresses! I packed them for our honeymoon, and even after being stuffed into my suitcase and ruffled around the didn’t wrinkle one bit! The Carter dress is really great too if you haven’t tried it yet.
    I can’t wait for your Açaí bowl recipe, happy Monday! xAllie http://www.theallthatglittersblog.com

    • OMG, aren’t they the absolute best?! Seriously my favorite dresses and I LOVE the Carter as well!

      xo – AB

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