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Rainbow Row, Here We Come!

Yesterday we packed our car once again and drove up to Charleston for an exciting trip with Ebates travel! I’m so thrilled to be back in one of our favorite cities, the one where Ryan and I fell in love, for the next few days!  We are going to do all the things we’ve never done before and I can’t wait! We even booked a private sunset sailing tour that I’m really looking forward to…  I’ve actually never been on a sailboat, so I don’t even know what to expect! It should be a really fun and full few days. 

Also, it just so happens that a few of Ryan’s brothers (he has 6 of them! eek!) live in Charleston so we will definitely be mixing business with pleasure, soaking up as much family time as possible. I think we’ve even convinced them to come out on the sailboat with us.  It’ll be a family affair!

The only sad thing about this trip is that we couldn’t take Dolly with us and, honestly, I’m so bummed about it. The only downside to the hotel we are staying is that it is not pet-friendly.  Fortunately, she is with my parents, but oh my gosh I miss her sweet fuzzy face! What is it going to be like when we have actual babies and not just fur babies?! I think my heart may explode. 


5 Things I’m Loving 

1. Market South – I’ve been dairy free for over a year now and I’ve got to be honest with you, the desserts I’ve had out (i.e. not from my own kitchen) have been few and FAR between. But on Friday night our good friends who are vegans took us to this place in town (Orlando) called Market South and I may or may not have had an actual heart attack when I saw all the options. I panicked and ordered three things because WHEN IS THIS GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN?! All three things were delicious and I vowed to go back as soon as possible.

2. Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray – A few weeks ago my friend Kate introduced me to Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening Spray and told me how amazing it was.  I started using it over the weekend and OMG, it’s life-changing. It’s the thickening spray of my dreams… it actually holds, even better than the Kenra, dare I say! 

3. Kate Spade Floral Heels – I splurged on Friday and ordered these floral heels from Kate Spade. It was a totally impulsive purchase and very unlike me.  I have to think about a purchase for a while before I make it, especially one over a $100. But it was love at first sight and I couldn’t help it. I can’t WAIT for them to come in!

4. Ezviz Camera – We are super creepy and bought this camera for Dolly, ha! We only turn it on when we leave the house and put it right in front of her crate so if we get worried about her we can check in and see how she’s doing. Honestly, it’s been one of my favorite purchases we’ve ever made. Our sweet former pup, Lucy, had terrible separation and storm anxiety, so much so that she would physically harm herself when we left… it was awful and I hated leaving her. I wish we would have thought to do this while we had Lucy, but I’m so glad we are doing it with Dolly from the get-go. It’s always nice to have peace of mind. 

5. Famous in Love – I love bad movies and ridiculous TV. You know the romantic comedies that get terrible ratings?! Well, those end up being my favorites, sadly enough. I have terrible taste, clearly, and I’m a sucker for all things Hallmark…So whatever. Oddly enough, I don’t like reality tv at all, but I do enjoy cheesy tv more than I should. Famous in Love sucked me in last year and now it’s finally back! You would cringe if you knew how many times I’ve googled “when is Famous in Love season 2 premiere”. I’ve fallen off the deep end. Either way, you should watch it.  It’s weirdly addicting and ridiculous. 


That’s all for now, I hope you have a wonderful Monday and a great start to your week! xx



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  1. Ooh, I have to try Market on South when I’m back in Florida next month. My parents live in the area—they’re vegan and love Ethos in Winter Park, so we’ll have to stop by this new place 🙂

    briana |

  2. I’ve driven past Market on South so many times but never took the opportunity to go explore. But I’m totally stopping next time I’m out that way because it looks too delicious to pass up!

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