Ashley Brooke and Ryan Take a Selfie while on a walk

Saylor Top c/o // Vineyard Vines Medium Wash Denim c/o // Ray-ban Sunglasses // Bobbi Brown Lipstick “Baby”

Keeping it Low Key

Another weekend of Social Distancing is officially in the books! 

I woke up on Saturday not being able to stop thinking about my Great Grandma Ann. She passed away 3 years ago at 104 (can you believe it?!) and she was always the brightest bit of sunshine in our lives. It was her birthday, so obviously I was thinking about her, but truthfully, I’ve been thinking about her SO much lately. I keep thinking, “what would Grandma Ann do?”

My Grandma Ann lived through The Great Depression (not that we are anywhere near that!!!) and came out of it with only the happiest memories of that time at home with her family. She would often lovingly refer to it as the finest time in her life. Things were simple and sweet. Her family had very little but always made the most of what they had. And because of that, Grandma Ann was nothing if not resourceful, joyful, and imaginative. She could beat you at ANY board or card game you challenged her to and was always up for a good time, no matter the season. Each day I wake up and think, okay God, help me channel my inner Grandma Ann, let’s make this fun… so that’s exactly what Ryan and I have been doing, making the most of this extra time we have together!

From take-out, to bike rides, to movie nights, long walks, streaming church in our pjs, and family dinners via face-time, our weekend was full and good. Not perfect, nor worry free, but good… and I can’t ask for more than that. 

5 Things I'm Loving


I love that Amazon is launching movies that are in theaters (that we can’t go to!) online! I’ve been dying to see Emma, and I’ve got to tell you, it lives up to the hype. SO  BEAUTIFUL. 

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Forever Cozy

HOW FUN?? I loved seeing this sweatshirt pop up over on J.Crew’s Cozy Selects! I grew up in Cocoa (well 20 minutes out) so spotting this was such a treat. Plus I live for a good sweatshirt and this one looks extra cozy! 

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Should We Tie-Dye Something?

Guys, I don’t know what it is… maybe it’s the social distancing, maybe it’s watching one-too-many TikTok videos, but I’m DYING to DIY Tie-Dye something. We used to do this as kids all the time, but WOW is tie-dye back! I told my mom on the phone yesterday that I was craving watermelon and a tie-dye party like the good-ole-days. I’m genuinely 2 seconds away from ordering this $11 t-shirt and $13 kit

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Support Small Businesses

Our friends over at Corckcicle are doing THE COOLEST and most generous thing. For the next few weeks if you order a product online at, when you checkout you will have the opportunity to enter the store name of the Cockcicle retailer in your area, and they will write them a check just as if you went into their store and purchased it. Unbelievably kind. So if you are looking for a way to shop small, this is a FABULOUS one.

Shop Here (all the details here)

Open Up Your Own Library!

So many libraries are closed around the U.S. right now which is such a bummer, I but LOVED seeing that Scribd is doing 30 days of FREE BOOKS!! And if you are like me and are itching for another project to do with your hands (hence the tie-dye) then I feel like now is the perfect opportunity to set up a “free library” in your own yard! We have them all over our neighborhood and love them. 

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