“Cinco  de Derby” Weekend


We bounced around this weekend from Cinco de Mayo parties to Derby parties to family events and I didn’t hate it one bit! And we were even able to get some much-needed housework done, which is always nice. Since we work from home I’m kind of crazy about everything being in order come Monday morning or I’m not able to think straight! So lucky we were able to fit it all in this weekend, margarita and all! 😉 

5 Things I’m Loving:

1. Flower Boxes – I mentioned over on stories a bit about our flower boxes on our front porch, but we finally finished planting them this week and they are SO CUTE!! We are hoping that this is the solution to our deer grazing issue. They literally eat every flower in sight! Our fingers are crossed they can’t reach the boxes over the hedges.  We’ll do a full post on them this month detailing what we planted etc… 

2. Girl Wash Your Face – I finished Rachel Hollis’ book, Girl Wash Your Face over the weekend and I really, REALLY enjoyed it. To be honest, this was my first time hearing about Rachel, so I was totally new to her story… apparently I’ve been living under a rock! But I’d highly recommend it.  It’s such an inspiring and uplifting read – put it on your list ASAP! 

3. Dolly’s New Hair Bows – It’s so funny that the rest of her hair/fur has been growing at a rapid rate, but the top of her little head, no dice! Her hair is still too short on the top of her head to put a bow. I’m committed to the bow and at her first grooming I asked the groomer to trim everything except the top of her head.  I now go back and forth on that. It looks hilarious, like she’s growing out bangs or something! But we’re sticking with it!  I ordered a new set of bows from the sweet lady on Ebay who used to make Lucy’s, only this time I had her make me a custom set of all pink that is smaller width ribbon to fit Dolly’s tiny head. They came in this week so all we need is Dolly’s hair to grow!

4. Kate Spade Scarf – I just ordered this super adorable alligator scarf from Kate Spade and I’m dying for it to come in! I’ve been wearing scarves on repeat lately and thought this one was so charming.  Also, as a total side note, my friend Carly made a YouTube tutorial of all the different ways to tie a scarf and it’s so good… if you are into scarves it’s a much watch!

5. I Feel Pretty & Book Club – I haven’t been to the movies in a couple of months but my BFF Besty and I were chatting about doing a movie date soon since there are so many fun new girly ones out!  I’m dying to see both I Feel Pretty and Book Club, both look hilarious! Have you seen any new movies recently?! I’ve heard the new Avengers is unreal… maybe Ryan and I need a movie date too! 


… Just a few things on my mind, what have y’all been up to!? Always love a good recommendation! 




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    • I can’t wait to see it! I’ve heard SUCH great things, and YES you totally have to listen to the book… it’s a really great read!

  1. The movie ” I feel pretty” was really good. It was funny and it helps girls realize that there are more things to life than just looks. IF you have the time you should go see it.

    • Coralys! Going to see it this Thursday and I can’t WAIT!!! Thank you for the sweet comment! xx

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