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We spent the majority of the weekend reading and laying low, working on house things while the rain outside just never stopped. I feel like we might be in Ark territory pretty soon here. But in all honesty it was kind of nice to have an excuse not to get out of pajamas all day Sunday! But on Saturday morning we had my family over to celebrate my mom’s birthday.

We did an outdoor brunch complete with mimosas on the porch and I can’t tell you just how much it filled my love tank. After going a few months without our semi regular get togethers, every moment together now feels so much sweeter. 

5 Things I'm Loving

Striped Top

How cute is this little top!? It reminds me of a vintage ice cream parlor and I love it! Plus, you know I can’t say no to a good vintage vibe. 

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The Swan

If you have been a long time follower then you may remember the swan I used to have in my back yard. It became a fixture and we named it Selena, ha! We don’t have a pool, but it just sat in the backyard and I loved it. lol. But alas, it popped after a big storm one night. Over the weekend I was doing a little online shopping and spotted my beloved Selena back in stock! I’m currently trying to convince Ryan it’s a good idea to get another “lawn ornament”… spoiler alert, he’s not going for it. Ha!

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Target Dress

Y’all I went to Target this weekend and wow did it feel good. I wore my mask and sanitized my body from top to bottom, but OMG it was so much fun. I haven’t just strolled up and down the isles of a Target in what feels like YEARS. I ended up with a cute new dress and a slew of other random, totally unnecessary items. 

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New Book

Last week we announced our June book, Tiny Imperfections, and if you haven’t scooped it up yet, YOU NEED TO. It’s so adorable and such a fun “beach” read. I know you’ll love it. I’m praying Alli and Asha write more books, this one really is just so good. 

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New Fave Instagram Account

I stumbled upon @cakeatelieramsterdam‘s instagram account on Friday and I don’t think I will EVER be the same.  If you love florals as much as I do, RUN don’t walk to go follow her. It’s 1000% eye candy all day every day. 


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