Ashley Brooke's 5 Things She's Loving - wearing daisy cap

Weekend Fun

We spent the weekend at home working on projects, cleaning, and prepping for my sister’s social distancing baby shower next week! I feel like I looked up on Sunday night and was shocked that the weekend had FLOWN by. I mean, honestly I need ONE MORE DAY. 

5 Things I'm Loving

Daisy Baseball Hat

My sister got me this hat for my birthday, and guys, I’m so obsessed with it. I’ve been wearing it like every day. 

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Fanny Pack? YES.

I told Ryan yesterday while we were at Home Depot that I NEEDED a fanny pack. I don’t really want to bring my purse into stores right now, but I need a place for my phone, hand sanitizer, and credit cards. I feel like fanny packs are the answer. How cute is this one for under $20!

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New Book

Okay, I’m about 1/2 way throught Be The Bridge by Latasha Morrison, and OH MY GOSH it’s so good. I can not recommend this book enough. So much wisdom. I am so grateful for women like Latasha who are bravely leading the way in racial reconciliation. GET THIS BOOK. 

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Workout Top

I’m in fairly desperate need of new work out tops, I have one I actually like. I spotted this one online and thought “that’s perfect!” I think I’m going to scoop it up in a few colors. 

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Wide Leg Toile Pants

How cute are these wide-leg blue and white toile pants?! Under $20 and honestly just so adorable. I can’t get enough. 

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