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We spent the weekend working on tons of house projects, mainly cleaning out the garage… and WHOA was that a task. *Pro Tip: I’d recommend doing this BEFORE the temperatures hit 100+ degrees, ha! Regardless, it’s done, and honestly, so much better. 

Truthfully we’ve been putting the garage clean out on the back burner, but we are getting ready to renovate our kitchen (so much more to come!) and we’ll be doing a lot of DIYs so we needed some garage space… a kitchen make over is worth a garage clean out any day of the week! 😉 

We also watched the movie Just Mercy over the weekend (I’ve been listening to the book as well) and if you haven’t yet, watch this movie (and read the book!). It will absolutely break your heart and open your eyes. So worth your time. Trust me. 

Along with a garage clean out, we were able to spend time with Ryan’s bother and his girlfriend who are in town from NYC. They they got tested the day they landed, but the results (came back negative!) took about 11 days so they pretty much did a full quarantine! We were thrilled to finally hug them and have them over for a night of good snacks, great wine, and a much needed catch up session. 

All in all, it was a really great weekend!

P.S. Tons of book related content coming your way this week, but I’m kicking it off with an Instagram Live on @ashleybrookebookclub TONIGHT at 8:00 pm EST with one of our June book club picks, Tiny Imperfections author Asha Youmans… so set your alarms! 

5 Things I'm Loving

Blue & White Smocked Dress

I ordered this dress last week. I’m on a major smocked dress kick and WOW is it cute! It came in and it’s all I want to wear. So comfy, cool, and perfect for the Fourth of July!

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Wooden Serving Bowl

Our kitchen needs a good Nancy Meyers makeover. We are actually working on a kitchen renovation (eek! More soon, I promise!) so now I’m seeing all pretty kitchen things all the time. I think this bowl would be so pretty on the counter piled high with lemons.

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Mariner Cloth Hoodie

Speaking of the 4th of July, I love a Summer hoodie and this one is ADORABLE. Classic and cozy. Perfect for a bonfire or after swim movie!

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Ceramic Non-Stick Pans

Again with the kitchen things, I need these right?! I mean I kind of feel like they are 1 billion percent necessary! SO PRETTY. 

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Fringe Patio Umbrella

I’m SUCH a fan of a good pop of color in the backyard and umbrellas totally do the trick! Ours are from Frontgate and they are absolutely incredible. The construction is pretty unreal and totally worth the price, but they are definitely on the steeper side of things. I found this coral umbrella for 1/4 the price, and thought it gave the same feel!

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  1. What is that beautiful thing next to the wine glass? It’s beige and flower looking??? Can you share where you got it?
    Or how you made it?

  2. We loved Just Mercy as well!! Love that dress, unfortunately sizes are limited now, I love a good smocked dress too! Just redid our kitchen and I’m in full kitchen decor mode too. I get it! Best of luck.

  3. I also watched Just Mercy this weekend too and am reading the book as well! I am so inspired by Bryan Stevenson and how many lives he impacted!

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