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We had a whirlwind of a weekend! I stayed mostly offline, due to an all-day shoot on Saturday (so much more to come!), kitchen demo on Sunday, and gearing up for a hectic week ahead. 

This upcoming Friday we are getting ALL of our tile flooring in our home removed, which means we essentially have to move out of our house by Friday. And truthfully it’s absolute chaos over here. Ha! For those of you who have been through a major renovation before, you know… we are currently living in a GIANT dust ball. But we are making SO much progress, so it’s kind of fun. I think after this flooring removal and install we will feel a 1000% better about the situation. But right now it feels a little touch and go…

So if it’s a little quiet this week over here, just know I’m doing the cupid shuffle with all of our belongings… wish us luck! 

5 Things I'm Loving

Sarah Flint Heels

I’ve been looking for a low heeled blocked sandal that was comfortable, but also looked good with my fair skin. Guys, I’ve found it. These shoes are a total splurge but worth every. single. penny. Like WOW. I like to have a little heel and this one is actually fantastic. Can’t say enough great things. 

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Pearl Hoop Earrings

I love these statement pearl hoops! Under $50, simple and chic, but also just really classic. 

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The Baby Sitter’s Club

Have you watched The Baby Sitter’s Club yet on Netflix?! I binged it and guys, it was SO GOOD. I loved the Baby Sitter’s Club growing up so this was such a treat. 

Watch Here

Cozy Pullover

I live in cozy sweatshirts inside the house this time of year. We crank our A/C down SO LOW that we are constantly freezing. When it’s 100 degrees outside, it truly feels like the only way to live. You’d think we’d keep it at a happy comfortable level, but I can’t. I like a brisk 72, and this pullover seems like utter perfection.

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Pull-on Chambray Shorts

These shorts have become my official “Saturday Shorts”. I can run errands in them and  they are comfortable enough to take a cat-nap in! I’m honestly thinking about getting a second pair. Well worth it.

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  1. Hi, Ashley! We went through a major renovation at our home as well a few years back, and we also added on to our home and made it almost twice its size. We were constantly shuffling things around. I feel your pain.

    While I don’t know anything about the movie, I loved the other items you suggested. Question. What is the building/hotel you showed at the top of your post? It’s lovely.

    • Hi Debra!

      I know, it’s definitely a crazy season, but it will be so worth it in the end!

      This shot was taken at The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida!

      xo – AB

  2. OMGosh Babysitters Club was SO GOOD!! I binged it in two days as well! I loved the books growing up and may have kept the special edition Christmas and summer books that had letters in envelopes you could take out, from the characters to each other, ha! Very much looking forward to a second season!

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