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Weekend Dreaming

We had the most productive weekend EVER working on the house. We literally just put our heads down and GOT. TO. WORK. All of the wallpaper is officially down, the kitchen island is built (well, almost!), and things are FAR more organized than they were just a few days ago. I feel like we are starting to see the finish line for the kitchen and I am SO excited! We are getting everything measured this week for the counter top and backsplash installation and I can’t WAIT! But more than anything, I’m just thrilled for progress! 

5 Things I'm Loving

Daisy Cardigan

Well, this cardigan was a literally a no-brainer! I ordered it as soon as it became available online.. and I may or may not have ordered it in pink too! Eeek! I can’t wait for them to come in. 

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Book of The Month

Have you picked up our book of the month yet?! If not, you need to! Katharine’s books are my absolute favorite and this one is SO. GOOD. 

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Ilia Beauty

I’ve been wanting to try Ilia Beauty for a while now. I love that it’s a clean beauty line and the products just seem fantastic! Have you tried it yet?! Should I order and do a review?! I think I should! 😉

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Yellow Mellow

I’m very into yellow lately and this dress is just so darn cute! I love how “twirl-y” it is! It would be adorable with this cardigan too… just sayin’. 

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The Softest Pajamas

J.Crew’s “dream” pajamas are my favorite, the fabric is OUT of this world comfy and they just released this pretty new lavender color I can’t get enough of! 

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  1. I love ilia! I’ve been using the skin serum foundation, mascara, and the blush and highlighter sticks. The mascara is AMAZING. I’m learning the best way to apply the sticks though because I feel like they don’t stay on all day? But also a mask doesn’t help!

  2. I’ve switched to the Ilia mascara and eyeliner, and love it so far! I like having clean products on my eyes. Can’t wait to see your finished kitchen!

  3. Ilia is the best! I’ve completely converted all of my makeup to their brand. It’s nice to know I’m putting things that aren’t harmful on my face!

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