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The Royal Weekend

This past weekend was a blur of parties! We had a little dinner party on Friday night, a baby shower on Saturday afternoon (photo above), and a graduation party on Sunday evening… And even though things were nonstop I REFUSED to miss the royal wedding on Saturday morning and I am so glad I didn’t!

Did you watch it?! Wasn’t it just a dream?! I loved everything about the day, her dress, the tiara, her makeup, the choir, it was all so good. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it all weekend.  It was a true fairytale!


5 Things I’m Loving

1. This Image of Harry & Meghan – The Royal wedding was everything and more. I honestly can not get over it! And this photo was quite possibly the best capture of the day.  Unreal!

2. Suzanna Dai Rose Gold Earrings – I recently received these earrings from Haut Headquarters and I’m obsessed with them! They are stunning and couldn’t be any prettier in real life.  I get compliments on them every time I wear them out. If you are looking for something special, I’d highly recommend!

3. Body Love by Kelly – Over the weekend I listened to this podcast with Kelly from Be Well and I bought her book as soon as it was over. I can’t wait to dive in… to be fair, I’m already stocking that creepy Amazon truck for the delivery.

4. Vegan Cake by Minimalist Baker – On Friday night we had a little dinner party and I whipped up this chocolate cake for dessert.  It was amazing. Seriously, one of THE best recipes I’ve ever made!

5. Exfolikate by Kate Sommerville – As you know, I’m really into skincare and exfoliating is one of my very favorite things. I’ve been obsessed with this one by Kate Sommerville recently and have been using it at least 3 times a week for the past month. I can see such a big difference in my skin! I can not recommend it enough. 


Have a great week, friends, and let me in on anything you and exciting you’re loving!



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    • Allie!! SO ROMANTIC!!! Loved every single second of it!
      Also, thank you for the polish tip! I’ll definitely be checking out that Essie color, sounds amazing!!

      xo – AB

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