Feeling Festive

We had such a great weekend! It was one of our first weekends in MONTHS where we weren’t working on the kitchen and it felt so nice to just enjoy it. We spent a lot of time cooking, which felt like heaven.

On Saturday afternoon we popped out to run a few errands and we stopped by Palmer’s Garden & Goods to pick up a few things and this little festive corner got me so excited for Christmas! We haven’t decorated yet, but I have a feeling this will be THE week. 

5 Things I'm Loving

Vintage/Quirky Pie Plate

Okay, I love the idea of baking a pie for thanksgiving and bringing it in a pie plate that also doubles as a hostess gift! Like “hi, I brought the pie, and keep the quirky plate, it made me think of you!” Am I nuts or is that the cutest idea?!

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Take Away Boxes

I don’t know about you, but in years past whether we make Thanksgiving for 45 people or 6 there are ALWAYS leftovers. This year’s Thanksgiving will be more like 6 but I love the idea of having takeaway boxes (maybe even with custom stickers?!) for leftovers! Saves you from the headache of wanting guests to take home the extra mashed potatoes but not wanting to give out all the good containers! 😉

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Butterfly Necklace

I’ve had my eye one this pretty little butterfly necklace for a while now. I love the color (it comes in pink too!) I think this would make such a special gift. 

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Plaid Oversized Jacket

I don’t know who I think I am with this jacket, but I ordered it and I can’t WAIT for it to come in! I think it will just be cozy and kinda tomboyish… which I kind of love! 

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Painted Ballet Flats

Margaux just launched their customizable line and I can’t get over the monogramed ballet flats… but the daisy ones had me at first sight. SO. CUTE.

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