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Cozy Weekend

We had *such* a great weekend and I am so sad it’s over! Honestly we barely left the house besides going on 4 mile walks each day. The weather has been beautiful and we just want to be outside! Dolly loves it too, we have a big open field a mile from our house and she loves to just RUN. It’s so fun to watch, pure joy! To be sure, we don’t make her walk 4 miles.. we drop her back off at the house and Ryan and I continue our walk. 

We made really great dinners, I did a little crafting and baking, but we spent the majority of the time working on plans to finish the bathroom and start a backyard refresh. These projects take so much time, so it was nice just to be able to sit down together and crank out some plans. 

Also we ended up binging, and I mean BINGING The Undoing. OH MY GOSH. I am not the physiological thriller kinda gal, but we started it on Friday night after picking up a pizza and, well, we stayed up till T-W-O a.m. so we could finish it. I watched most of it with my eyes closed to be honest, and then I had to watched a good 30 minutes of the Disney channel afterwords so I could actually sleep. But it was really fun being irresponsible and watching 6 straight hours of tv. We never do that! ha! 

I hope your weekend was equally as wonderful and restful!


Love this quote today and always, remembering MLK this beautiful Monday morning…

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.


5 Things I'm Loving

Relaxed & Chic, Under $40

I’m SUCH a fan of a button down. So easy to wear and style! My favorite is to tuck a top like this into a pair of high-waisted denim, roll up the sleeves and top with some fun necklaces, like this, then pair with my most comfortable ballet flat! Easy and so chic! 

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Little Red Dress

This is truly my ideal silhouette! I love an easy to wear dress with a belted waist… and GOSH this one is stunning!! I feel like it would be so cute with sneakers (like these) or heels (like these).

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Pretty Linen Napkins

I make dinner most nights, and I’d say about every other night I light the candles and pull out the linen napkins, because why not?! It takes like zero time, but really helps make dinner feel intentional. So I’m always looking to up my linen game, and these are currently HIGH on my list! 

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The Cutest Boxer Shorts

I love a good Pajama set (here are a few of my current faves) but I also really love a pair of boxer shorts you can just throw on with your favorite old baggy t-shirt! ha! And these are perfection. 

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Quilted Jacket, Under $50

We’ve had such a chilly Winter here in Florida and honestly, it’s been HEAVEN! I’ve had the best time pulling out all my cozy clothes and even shopping for a few new things. So when I saw this I had to share! Cute, right?!

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  1. Hi Ashley! Last weekend- my husband and I stayed up until 2 a.m. watching Ted Lasso on Apple TV+. It was so, so good. A real feel good show.

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